1998 WorldStar
Packaging Competition
Award Winners

S P E C I A L T Y :   M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C A T E G O R Y


Leather Package for Jewelry

The package is in the form of a heart and is made of natural scarlet leather. The inner part is draped with velvet. The package seems to be soft and voluminous due to porolon attached between the cardboard base and leather. The boxes of various size and attractive design are a perfect supplement to the packed article and revive the old traditions of Russian packagers.

ID#08013/Entry#15 05

Printing and Polygraphic Enterprise Information Centre
48 Gorbachev St.
Kirov 610000
Tel: +2
Fax: +9


Display Window Box

This packaging piece is designed to display and protect quality products such as broaches, fine jewelry, medallions and more. The transparent window allows the user to receive an immediate impression of the packaged contents. The variety of possible combinations of window size and shape, colors in the box itself, logos and other graphics stamped inside or outside the box to create an up-grading of the product.

ID#08496/Entry#15 06

Kibbutz Urim
Mobile Post
Hanegev 85530
Tel: +9
Fax: +9


Flower Arrangement

Flowers, in a flexible container of water, needed to be delivered in pristine condition. The delicate contour shape allows the arrangement to nestle safely and encourages careful handling with maximum support. The lacing closure provides a carrying facility, encouraging the pack to be handled in the correct manner.

ID#01170/Entry#15 08

Clifford Packaging Ltd.
Bradbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes
Bucks MK7 8AQ
United Kingdom
Tel: 7
Fax: 9


Star Wars® Epic ForceTM Package

In its greatest moment, packaging achieves all of its functional capacities, but simultaneously loses its identity, itself metamorphosing into product. Fusing excellent visual applications and clever design, Hasbro has developed an economical package boasting an aesthetic value in which the package and product design blend to become integral components.

ID#08542/Entry#15 10

615 Elsinore Place
Cincinnati OH 45202 USA
Tel: +1


Korrvu® Bouquet Package

Korrvu® retention packaging was used for the first time in a home and garden application to make a pakage that is recyclable and offers protection, function, versatility, and aesthetics. The Korrvu® packaging solution allowed Bouquets Direct to provide its customers with flowers fresher than can be bought in stores.

ID#08542/Entry#15 11

Sealed Air Corporation
Korrvu Division
2311 Boswell Road, Suite 8
Chula Vista, CA 91914 USA
Tel: +1
Fax: +1