1998 WorldStar
Packaging Competition
Award Winners

S P E C I A L T Y :   M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C A T E G O R Y


The Art Maches Packaging

This package consists of ten mach bags, each with a different graphic design, and one container bag. The package shows traditional Chinese arts and culture and combines the box contours with assorted folk embroidery art. It is unique on thin bags, and easy handling design. Paperboard is used, which is good for the environment. The package is not only unique for practical reasons, but has collection value.

ID#01239/Entry#15 01

China Nat'l Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute
Block B Lucky Tower
No. 3 Dong San Huan Bei Lu
Beijing 100027
Chaoyang District China
Phone: 0
Fax: 7


Wish Pearl

The package of wish pearls is the first time that the DIY concept had been used in a jewelry product. Consumers can easily see what is inside the package. The package is easy to open, and is environmentally friendly.

ID#08333/Entry#15 02

Lucoral & Lupearl Corporation
90, Nanking E. Rd., Sec. 3
Phone: +
Fax: +


Display Cum Sale Pack for Shirts (Garments)

This package holds the shirt/garment as folded, and therefore avoids wrinkling or contamination. The front flap when folded back and vertically placed, acts as display supply which gives full visibility of the product. The front flap acts as a tray for office use. The closed pack front panel is engraved with the product brand, debossed for corporate image. It is made from ply CFB, single sheet die-cut.

ID#01101/Entry#15 03

Jayna Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Jayant House, Bail Bazar
Kural Andheri Road
Mumbai 0 Maharashtra


Bee's Cultivation Box

This paper-made bee box is easily molded by rolling, cutting, and pressing. The lid and body of the box are united by nailed buttons so that they are not separated by external force. This box is equipped with an opening for ventilation. A leaf-shaped jut is designed on the base of the box so the bees can land easily into the beehive. A special painting treatment on the surface of the box protects it from the weather.

ID#01264/Entry#15 04

Cheng Loong Company Ltd.
1, Min Sheng Road
Section 1
Panchiao City
Taipei Hsien
Tel: +1
Fax: +6