Differentiate Between professional and casual consultants; establish strong ethical standards among professional packaging consultants; increase professionalism in the packaging consulting field; improve the professional image of packaging consultants; encourage the use of packaging consultant services; offer means by which companies can identify and hire suitable experts.

The mission required us to define standards for a professional packaging consultant. All members have subscribed to the code of ethics, declare that consulting is their primary profession, and are screened by members of the council to assure that they have sufficient training and experience to meet the standards of a professional packaging Consultant. Therefore, you can hire our members with confidence.

The Council publishes and distributes its Directory of Packaging Consultants each year, comprising information on consultants, all of whom have declared consulting as their primary occupation and have had a minimum of two years experience as consultants. This differentiates our members from those between jobs or moonlighters from other positions.

The directory is indexed to find those consultants with the expertise required to address your specific problems. We have classified members by region for your convenience, although most members are willing to travel.

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Directory of Packaging Consultants,
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Members of the IoPP Consultants Council can be met at "Consultants Corners" of various shows (such as Pack Expo and Interphex) in which they offer expertise and advice to show participants.

The Council holds periodic meetings and continuing education programs to improve skills and professionalism of its members. It also maintains an information network on the World Wide Web with Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

We look forward to serving you and welcome any comments you may have. Best of luck in your enterprise.


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