1999 WorldStar
Packaging Competition
Award Winners

R E T A I L:   P H A R M A C E U T I C A L   C A T E G O R Y


Medical Cotton Wool for Surgeons

This package is made of BOPP film and is used with its original colors, which emphasizes sterility. The packaging has a certificate for use in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Expenses for this material is lower than for paper. It is efficient because all the materials of the package can be utilized.

ID#08873/Entry#04 03

Plant of Polymer Material JSC
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Coopervision, Inc. "Frequency 55TM Toric Lenses"

The Frequency 55TM package offers a way to present this product in a unique, professional, and organized manner. The package securely houses eight contact lenses, side pocket to hold a laminated instruction sheet, and diecut hole with locking feature.

ID#08294/Entry#04 04

Diamond Packaging
United States
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Betadine® PrepstickTM Applicator

The Betadine® PrepStickTM applicator is an innovative and creative packaging solution for the efficient, accurate and clean application of topical antiseptic/virucide. This packaging solution represents a major technical advance in disposable swabstick technology. This design eliminates mess in applying topical antiseptic bactercide/virucide, while delivering more product in a controllable flow.

ID#08982/Entry#04 05

The Purdue Frederick Company
United States
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Dialpak III

This new patented Dialpak emphasizes the consumer values of intuition, discretion, and femininity. Because it is refillable, recyclable and universal, it is therefore environmentally friendly and lower in cost. The oral contraceptive drug regimen is in a protective shell with compliance features.

ID#08978/Entry#04 06

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
United States
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