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multioutlet squeeze tube

This article submitted by Yuly Shipilevsky on 09/220.

I've invented an effective and attractive improvement(easy-to-extrude) for modern squeeze tubes. It would be a new generation. I've recently filed the appropriate application for Patent with US Patent Office (Status:"Patent Pending"). IĆ­m looking for a pioneer company that will buy my ownership and bring my tube into the life. Thanks in advance, Yuly Shipilevsky (The Inventor&Owner) Contact me: E-Mail: ------------------------------------------------------------------- US Patent Pending, Inventor&Owner Yuly Shipilevsky MULTIOUTLET CONCEPT (Why to extrude from peripheral zones? Make each zone easily accessible!). Why during 150 years of squeeze tubes' history we still continue to extrude viscous substances, located in peripheral zones of squeeze tubes? The previous squeeze tubes have had the following essential DISADVANTAGE. Squeezing out of the tube (via a SINGLE outlet) VISCOUS substance's portions, located in PERIPHERAL zones inside that tube (opposite to that SINGLE outlet), towards that single outlet is INCONVENIENT and INEXPEDIENT for the customers, especially in regard to relatively "LONG" tubes. One group of "old" tubes comprises SEMI-CYLINDRICAL surface. One end of that surface is confined/includes a SINGLE lid-covered outlet, whereas another end is confined by a linear strip. Another group of "old" tubes comprises CYLINDRICAL surface. One end of that surface is confined/includes a SINGLE lid-covered outlet, whereas another end is confined by a flat basis. Nevertheless, each "old" tube has just ONE outlet. In order to provide a possibility to use for squeezing BOTH ends, in the SIMPLEST embodiment of a new tube, said surface would be confined by the second lid-covered outlet, so that BOTH ends are identical, symmetrical and valid for VISCOUS substanceĆ­s squeezing via the suitable (NEAREST) outlet. Said surface, located BETWEEN said identical ends has pure CYLINDRICAL shapes. ADDITIONAL outlets can be evenly and optionally implemented on said surface BETWEEN said identical ends. Thus, the new tube will provide a possibility to squeeze out of the tube the VISCOUS substance's portions located in the VICINITY of chosen outlet via that NEAREST outlet, whereas another outlets should be hermetically closed. The new tube is more spacious in comparison to the previous that includes a linear strip and have the same length, as it has classic cylindrical shapes due to their symmetrical identical ends. In combination with smart advertisement the new tube should be very attractive for the customers. -----------------------------------------------------

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