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Truckloading Software

This article submitted by Victoria Ayling on 02/15.

CAPE Systems launches a new program called TRUCKLOAD in February. TRUCKLOAD is a unique Windows application that helps users plan, create, edit, view, print and maintain Mutli-Product load plans for truckloads, container loads and railcar loads. To analyse a particular order or load, users enter details regarding products, pallet loads and truck/container sizes into the appropriate database. After selecting the items to be shipped, specifying the quantity for each item in the order, selecting a container or truck and choosing a calculation wizard TRUCKLOAD calculates loads and displays them on screen. Although the Load Wizards can be used to create load plans automatically it is also possible to create loads manually. This can be done using the drag and drop Load Editor which allows users to select products and existing pallet loads and place them within the load plan. Simple steps with the mouse make it easy to Add, Clone, Move, Rotate or Delete individual objects or even multiple objects in single operations. The Editor will then automatically recalculate load counts, load weight, load dimensions and the centre of gravity of the total load after any changes are made to the Load Plan. Other features of the TRUCKLOAD program include fast calculations, easy to use graphics, a wide variety of printed reports, graphics to show axle loading information and the ability to import pallet loads from CAPE’s packaging design and pallet loading programs. The information provided by this new program shows warehouse and loading dock personnel how to load a truck or container. Numerical data from a truckload can help to support Warehouse MAnagement and Manufacturing Resource Planning Systems and assist Export procedures, Transportation Planning, Route Planning and Consolidation. It can also be interfaced with robotics and materials handling applications.

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