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Tech. Reviews Published

This article submitted by PNW Pollution Prevention Ctr. on 02/17.

Technology Reviews Survey Technical Issues, Pros and Cons of Alternative Adhesives As a service to manufacturers, technical assistance providers and researchers, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) has published a series of technology reviews on alternatives to solvent-borne adhesives. Technology reviews synthesize current research on pollution prevention technologies, explore cost and technical issues, and identify areas where further research is needed. The reviews may be viewed and downloaded from PPRC’s web site, . The reviews cover three alternatives: water-based, radiant-cured and hot melt adhesives. Each of the reviews includes the following sections: · Industry Background: Descriptions of solvent-borne and alternative adhesive systems, adhesives markets, and environmental issues. · Technical Issues: How alternative adhesives perform, brief case studies, and pros and cons in the areas of costs, performance, environmental/safety, energy, and production. · Costs: Comparisons of capital, operating, and regulatory costs. · Gaps: Issues where further research would improve understanding of cost, production and other issues. · Resources: Links to relevant entries in PPRC’s Research Projects Database and to adhesives-related Internet sites. · References: Bibliography and glossary. PPRC, a non-profit organization founded in 1991, is the Northwest’s leading source of high quality, unbiased pollution prevention information. PPRC works collaboratively with business, government and other sectors to promote environmental protection through pollution prevention. Pollution prevention, or "P2," is preventing waste at the source, through methods such as product design, process changes, improved work practices, alternative materials, and efficient use of energy, water and other resource inputs. Contact Information: Catherine Dickerson, Technical Lead Jim DiPeso, Communications Director Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center 1326 5th Ave., Suite 650 Seattle, WA 98101 , phone , fax ,

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