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Tamper evident products

This article submitted by Erik Hoffer on 11/07/99.

With theft in the supply chain at an all time high, shippers must endeavor to protect their goods themselves rather tha rely on carriers or insurance to stop gap theft losses. By the use of tamper indicating products such as CGM Security Solutions tapes, seals and devices, shippers can secure their goods against most supply chain threats. many insurance providers will offer immediate rebates and concessions if you can get your claims mod down, even slightly. this relieves the burden of loss from them and effective shares the costs between you and the insrance provider. These solutions are recommended by the National Cargo Security Council, Technology Asset Protection Assn and most every major insurance carrier. No one is immune from theft so be proactive, develop security protocols and provide carriers and receivers with security templates that visually indicate tampering of goods in transit. Don't rely on others to protect your products.

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