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This article submitted by Darren Bowyer on 05/050.

April 2000 saw the official launch of a major new e-commerce packaging website. Located at the URL the Pack Trader site offers a unique business-to-business service to buyers and sellers of packaging materials, machinery and associated products.The site is supported by a back office with over 30 years packaging industry experience. How It Works Registered Buyers advertise their requirements via an on-line notice board and in response the appropriate Manufacturers/Suppliers tender their most competitive quotations in a closed bid environment. All entries are anonymous although once the Buyer selects a suitably competitive quotation, the system generates secure documents to each party, identifying the other, thus enabling them to conclude their trade directly. The process is simple and form led for ease of use. In addition to registration with the worlds largest search engines, the launch is being backed-up by a significant Trade advertising campaign and postal notification to a database of potential users. Their are a number of opportunities for business partners, limited banner advertising and sponsorship. In particular non-contributory sponsorship is being sought from relevant Trade Associations. If this is of interest please contact the site at . May 2000

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