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This article submitted by ABM MARKING LTD on 12/01.

ABM MARKING LTD of Belleville, Illinois unveiled the new PIEZO 2000 High resolution printer at PACK EXPO 98. The new printer has been already successfully installed in several manufacturing applications and has a proven record of performance. It has enabled manufacturers to organize inventory management to a tru real time base, with production data transferred to central data management any where in the North American area, in plant or outside the manufacturing plant. The PIEZO 2000 is an exytremely simple system to use and maintain, very much like any standard office printer, and can print any graphics image, from bar codes to logos, and practically unlimited alphanumeric messages on both absorbent and non absorbent surfaces. The key factor that differentiates the PIEZO 2000 from any other printer, and particularly the Trident heads based systems, is the individual control of each orifice: the unbiquitous TRIDENT system control blocs of orifices - up to 8 each - resulting in cumbersome graphics, large print area required especially for bar code printing and logo printing, dedicated heads and are practically usable only on absorbent surfaces. The PIEZO 2000 has about 20% higher dpi than Trident's, resulting in very high quality graphics, up to 360x200 dpi are possible with tilted head printing. The PIEZO 2000 can replace most CIJ systems at a fraction of operating costs, and with susbtantially lower initial investment in equipment. An additional major advanatge that the PIEZO 2000 offers is it versatility and the resulting the simplification of training and maintenance of personnel: it can be used on packaging lines, to print directly on corrugated cases, as well as to print on individual product packages, usually having high gloss finish, whihc until now could be printed only with CIJ systems, which in turn could not be used on packaging lines or were too expensive. This required two separate systems for the individual product and for the packaging line: the PIEZO 2000 eliminates this problem, offering a simple solution for any coding requirement anywhere in a plant operation. For information, for sample printing, contact ABM MARKING LTD - AT - FOR ABM PRODUCTS ON INTERNET:

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