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New design software

This article submitted by Sonja Norland on 02/06.

Point - Click - Change … and it redraws itself. VisionPack’s™ Interactive Parametrics™ is the feature every designer is looking for. VisionPack™ package design software is the new productivity tool for anyone involved in packaging design, engineering or sales. VisionPack™ design software now features Interactive Parametrics™. This powerful tool allows you to make changes to your design and see the results immediately. Your design redraws itself after each change is made giving you complete control over your design. While other programs require you to start from the beginning to make a simple size change, changing your drawing with VisionPack™ is as simple as changing a dimension! This feature is not available in programs at twice the price. VisionPack™ comes complete with all the tools needed to create professional drawings, dielines, and specifications. The software includes a library packed with 200 of the most popular corrugated and folding carton designs and 3D clip art to add to your drawings. VisionPack™ designs are also OLE compliant, with OLE you can embed your drawings into documents, spreadsheets and presentations. VisionPack’s™ design capacity and capabilities are unlimited and can be customized to meet the needs of any company. About VisionPack VisionPack Limited, located in San Jose, CA specializes in engineering design automation for the packaging industry. Last year, VisionPack launched VisionPack™ 1.0. This program incorporates many years of design experience into a powerful and flexible packaging design program. In 1998 VisionPack will continue to introduce new software products for other types of packaging components including crates, foam and bottles. For more information about VisionPack and it’s products please call or visit our web site at Anything you can visualize you can draw with VisionPack™.

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