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New Plastics Pkg Web Site

This article submitted by Wayne Williams, on 07/26.

UFP Technologies Announces New Plastics Packaging Web Site UFP Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: UFPT), the innovative manufacturer of protective packaging and specialty products, has announced the launch of its new plastics packaging division web site. The site, at, is intended to provide the company’s customers with an attractive, easily navigated guide to UFPT’s growing array of protective packaging capabilities. It also aims to simplify the process of interacting with the company, both for those working on existing projects and for prospective new customers seeking to assess UFPT’s product offerings. “The new plastics packaging site is an additional component of our overall commitment to customer service,” said Wayne Williams, Vice President. “The web site offers a visually appealing, easily navigated guide to the full range of our technologies and market experience. It also provides a high level of interactivity to simplify the process of submitting projects and communicating with our engineering and design teams.” Some of the specific features of the site include:  An information architecture that allows visitors to navigate the site via several alternative approaches: (1) by specific packaging problem; (2) by individual market niche; (3) by technology; or (4) by packaging environment.  A comprehensive guide to company capabilities and technologies, from foams to thermoformed plastics to recycled moulded fibre.  Interactive capabilities for submitting project specific information and for making inquiries.  Detailed descriptions of industry sector experience, with links to market specific technologies.  Comprehensive company information, including background, history, locations, example customers, available materials, and detailed descriptions of each component of UFPT’s integrated packaging solutions model.  A guide for utilizing UFPT’s unique skill at material combinations, such as thermoformed plastics and films, along with example applications. UFP Technologies welcomes feedback and suggestions via the Feedback Form on the site, by email at , or by phone at .

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