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New Imaje inks

This article submitted by Caroline Jourdan - Imaje on 01/29.

A new range of environmentally friendly inks Imaje, a world leader of coding and marking equipment, is launching a range of inks designed to respect the environment. Solvent-based with little volatility (alcohol), these inks allow for accidental contact with foodstuffs and provide odorless marking on any material. They will be particularly appreciated by producers of chocolate and dehydrated foodstuffs (soup, coffee...). They represent a major enhancement in the already very comprehensive Imaje ink catalog. The company is now in a position to meet all of the identification needs for products or for packaging of whatever type. Direct product marking - notably foodstuffs - is possible thanks to FDA and EC approved food grade inks. By way of examples, the marking of cheese rinds, eggs, meat carcasses, sweets and even cakes could be mentioned. For egg marking Imaje has for a short time now had a blue food ink which is unique on the market. Besides its qualities of adhesion and contrast this ink allows egg producers, who have been limited hitherto to marking their egg shells with pink ink, a differentiation in marketing terms. For the marking of metal packaging (canned foods in particular), Imaje is offering a thermochromic ink which changes color at the time of sterilization. Producers are thus assured that their products have indeed gone through the sterilization cycle. There are also solutions for marking on glass. Inks have thus been specially designed to mark returnable or non-returnable glass. The 5503 ink, in particular, enables ink-jet technology to be used to mark directly onto the glass of returnable bottles. It does, in fact, allow marking which sticks perfectly to the glass, resists time's wear and tear, but rubs off when washed. For the marking of dark materials, Imaje is offering the widest range of opaque colored inks on the market. These inks colored white, yellow, blue, green or red allow marking with some contrast, whatever the color of the material to be printed on. Any marking, even small-sized (1.2 mm), thus offers excellent contrast. Marking does not spread and resists time's wear and tear. Imaje's opaque colored inks are especially valued by the cable-manufacturing and car industries. Contact : Caroline Jourdan Imaje Ink Jet Printing Corp. Americas Business Area 1650 Airport Road Kennesaw, GA 30144 Phone: (770)-0 Fax: (770)-2 e-mail:

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