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New First-Aid Innovation

This article submitted by Air Packaging Technologies Inc. on 04/270.

Air Packaging Technologies Inc. Awarded Worldwide Exclusive Contract to Manufacture New Emergency Medical Device "This new market is an excellent example of the innovative skills and technical expertise which AIRP brings to each new business relationship,” says CEO Valencia, California, USA – Air Packaging Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: AIRP), award-winning high-tech innovator in patented, inflatable transparent packaging for the global technology and medical industries, today announced that it has signed a contract to become the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of a revolutionary new disposable air splint for the global emergency medical market. The new product, which will be marketed by STI Medical Products of Costa Mesa, California, under the name "PneuSplint" ä, is designed to replace conventional corrugated wrap-around splints and its proposed use is for the immobilization of injured limbs by emergency medical teams. PneuSplint has a number of major advantages over conventional corrugated splints, including simplicity and speed of handling, strength and reduced bulk, plus convenience of storage. In addition, the PneuSplint is far more versatile than conventional corrugated splints. Because it uses Velcro fasteners and is easily detachable, the PneuSplint can be removed and replaced on patients before and after treatment. Since it is perforated, it can be easily angled to be used for bent extremities. Donald Ochacher, CEO and President of Air Packaging Technologies Inc., stated: "We are extremely pleased that STI has chosen our Company to be the exclusive manufacturer of its PneuSplint product. We have worked extremely closely with STI to develop prototypes of this product using STI's design and, while it is still too early to predict the ultimate sales impact which this product will generate, STI and our Company are extremely optimistic based on initial feedback. The prototypes were recently shown at an Emergency Medical Services trade show and PneuSplint received an overwhelmingly favorable response. After the PneuSplint is accepted by the emergency medical market, it is STI's intention to introduce the product to the retail home first aid and other suitable markets." "This new market is an excellent example of the innovative skills and technical expertise which Air Packaging Technologies brings to each new business relationship," Mr. Ochacher added. "We are confident that we can continue to broaden the scope of the Company’s potential and help other companies to develop technologically innovative products." Further information on Air Packaging Technologies Inc. can be obtained from its corporate website, The foregoing information contains certain forward-looking statements that anticipate future trends or events. These statements are based on certain assumptions that may prove to be erroneous and are subject to certain risks including but not limited to the uncertainties of the Company's new product introductions, the risks of increased competition and technological change in the Company's industry and other risks detailed in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Accordingly, actual results may differ, possibly materially, from the predictions contained herein. Contacts: Donald M. Ochacher Air Packaging Technologies, Inc. 25620 Rye Canyon Road Valencia, CA 91355 Telephone: (661) 22/ (800) 69 Fax: (661) 47 E-Mail: or

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