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This article submitted by ALBERTO MERHIORI on 04/25.

ABM MARKING of Belleville Illinois, is presenting a new piezo electric ink jet printer for high speed printing on any surface. The new printer - Flexmark - uses alcohol base inks, instead of the MEK inks as most micro printers currently in operation. While flammable, with flash point in the 50 to 60 F', alcohol base inks do not have the toxicity of the MEK fluids. Management in position of responsibility for industrial health and safety of personnel can now eliminate the exposure to MEK fluids for operators engaged in the servicing of MEK printers with a very modest investment while reducing drastically the operating costs associated with MEK printers. . 1" Max, print height, 1mm minimum character height, 4 line capability, 400 ft/minute, user friendly software, and much more. Contact ABM MARKING LTD at 2799 South BElt West, Belleville Illinois, on your letterhead, to obtain detailed information.

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