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This article submitted by ABM MARKING LTD on 04/25/99.

ABM MARKING LTD has added to their line of automatic dispensers for pressure sensitive tapes a new smaller version of the SAE series, since 1982 has been the industry standard for pressure sensitive tape dispensers. The new machine, BABY 75, is a compact unit, fits easily on any counter top space, can handle any pressure sensitive tape up to 3" (75mm) width - Despite the small size it has a powerful and fast motor, the cutting action is smooth and easy with the new blade and bracket structure, easy to load and replace tape rolls - Automatic function to dispense repeated lengths - The Baby 75 can be integrated into the new ABM PIEZO printer system, to offer direct printing capability on the tape of manufacturing dates, expiration dates logos, alphanumeric messages and certain tape substartes even bar codes. For details on the BABY 75 call - ABM web site ( is being updated with the BABY 75 information - The PIEZO 2000 is already shown on our web pages:we invite you to viit our site and see first hand sample prints of this new system - ABM MARKING - ALBERTO MERCHIORI - SALES MANAGER

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