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Leak Testing, Self-teach

This article submitted by Sandra McBride, Keck & Co. on 10/21/99.

The Industry's First Self-Teaching Bottle Leak Tester, The New P-125 From PTI Improves Accuracy, Increases Speed, And Reduces Set-Up Requirements Applications: plastic bottles of different shape and size running on either the blowmolding or filling line Packaging Technologies and Inspection (PTI) introduces the new Self-Teaching Series P-125 Bottle Leak Tester; the industry's first self-teaching, self-adjusting leak detection system for plastic bottles. The dual station P-125/2, an in-line leak tester that offers 100% inspection at speeds of 70 bottles per minute, reduces the skill level required to operate a leak detection system, increases production throughput, and improves the accuracy of the operation. The P-125 reliably detects holes as small as 0.008 inches in diameter to produce high quality leak-free containers without production waste. The self-teaching feature offers such benefits as automatic setup and the ability to set reject and testing criteria. Based on an entirely new software/hardware concept, PTI designed the Self-Teaching Series P-125 Bottle Leak Tester to reduce operator training requirements by eliminating operator decision-making during set-up and operation. The P-125 automatically reads the best value from the first test bottle, sets a rough reject value, and continues to fine-tune the reject value with the next 50 good bottles. This self-teaching feature minimizes downtime during set-up and optimizes system performance by creating a very user-friendly system. Minimized changeover time for different size and shape bottles, from 8 oz. to 1 gallon, occurs as the P-125 Leak Tester's PLC stores up to 20 different bottle 'fingerprints'. Changeovers can be done in as little as two minutes with only two manual adjustments that require no tools. As the first leak tester in the industry that can be changed over without moving the sensor and sealing heads, the P-125 maximizes line productivity by minimizing changeover downtime. please see page two PTI uses high resolution transducer technology with controlled test pressure to precisely and reliably inspect bottles. The industry's first self-teaching, self-adjusting leak tester, the P-125, automatically measures the neck diameter of the first bottle and positions the sealing heads to come down precisely in the center of the neck. With this first bottle, the P-125 begins to set up the test parameters, identifying a 'fingerprint' of the product without operator assistance. Subsequent bottles are evaluated based on the statistical average of all previously tested acceptable bottles and the P-125 continues to fine tune the accept/reject values over the next 50 bottles. An automatic reject device downstream automatically removes rejects from the blowmolding or filling line. The ease of use designed into every P-125 by PTI includes such features as an MMI Operator Interface Panel to ease operation, and color-coded hoses and fittings to ease maintenance. The MMI Panel offers data such as number of bottles tested and rejected on the 20 different bottle types "fingerprinted". The P-125 helps minimize maintenance costs, operating costs, and capital costs. The economical P-125 adjusts to any conveyor and can be easily retrofitted into existing production lines. PTI develops, manufactures, and distributes specialty packaging machinery for food and pharmaceutical products. PTI's range of machinery includes non-destructive, high precision leak detection systems for pouches, packages, containers, components, vials, ampoules, and medical devices. PTI also integrates machine vision systems, ultrasonic, and label inspection systems. PTI is the exclusive North American distributor of Hans Rychiger high precision filling and heat sealing machinery, used for micro and unit dose filling, hot fill, shelf-stable, retort, and MAP for cups and trays. Reader Inquiries: Tony Stauffer, President Packaging Technologies & Inspection 145 Main Street Tuckahoe, NY 10707 USA Tel: 91 Fax: 91 E-mail: Web Site: Editor Inquiries: Sandra McBride Keck & Co. Communications 410 Walsh Road Atherton, CA 94027 Tel: 65 Fax: 65 E-mail:

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