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In House Maturation pouch

This article submitted by Shane D'Souza MAP SYSTEMS on 04/110.

MAP System's have developed a new high barrier pouch specifically for in-house maturation of meat primals. Traditionally primals are aged in vacuum packs to provide optimum eating quality. These used to be undertaken in shrink bags to produce a tight pack that is easier to handle when distributed to butchers and supermarket stores. Much of the meat is now sent out from the factories already in its retail pack, the maturation is done in-house and the primals never leave the factory. High Barrier Bag is superior to traditional shrink that gives better regeneration and is extremely effective where volatile products such as traditional beef are packed. MAP's multilayer co extruded film specially designed for Vacuum and Gas packing with very high barrier, strength and heat sealing properties. The structure is based on EVOH buried between PA (nylon) and PE inside layer to protect the barrier layer and improve puncture resistance. The inside EVA (modified PE) is a sealing layer which provides a heat seal to its self and other PE substrates. Typical Application: This pouch is specially designed for In House Maturation (IHM pouch) of meat primals. It has a very low oxygen transmission rate of << 4 ccs/m2/ 24 hrs/ atm for long maturation periods. The inside layer has far better sealability, clarity and puncture resistance. What are the advantages of IHM pouch?  EVOH has approximately about 32 times better barrier than PA (Nylon). 5m EVOH has the same barrier as 160 m PA (Approx.). Therefore significantly reducing the pressure on using less packaging and aid compliance with current waste regulations.  As the maturation is In House there is no need for shrink bags thus eliminating the need for steam or hot water shrink tunnels with considerable energy savings and reduction in production times.  The increased barrier, puncture resistance and better sealing properties improve process controls, product quality and most of all food safety. Available in a range of sizes and can be printed to suit the needs of the customer if required. For more information or samples please contact us at MAP SYSTEMS LTD 22 Sarum Complex, Salisbury Road, Uxbridge, England UB8 2RZ Tel (0) 1 Fax (0) 1 email

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