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Freedonia Study Excerpts

This article submitted by Freedonia Group, Inc. on 10/08.

EXCERPTS FROM A FEW FREEDONIA GROUP PACKAGING STUDIES Global demand for plastic packaging will continue to expand, particularly in developing regions, due to the superior barrier properties, shatter resistance, and lower cost of plastics. -#926 World Polyvinyl Chloride, published September 1997, 275 pages. US rigid industrial bulk packaging sales are forecast to rise 5.2 percent annually to $4.7 billion in 2001. Sales growth will benefit from the general trend throughout nondurable goods of steady growth and milder price increases relative to the past five years. Healthy demand for US-produced goods in international markets will also help rigid bulk packaging sales. -#917 Rigid Industrial Bulk Packaging, published August 1997, 206 pages. Most polyethylene demand will remain linked to three types of products: film, blow molded bottles and injection molded containers such as cups, tubs and buckets. These products are used primarily in the packaging industry, where a number of major trends are promoting favorable growth. -World Polyethylene, published July 1997, 327 pages We have World Beer Containers scheduled to be published in November. For more information please contact Corinne Gangloff, The Freedonia Group, Inc. #, Fax #, ,

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