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EPS Technical Bulletin Unve

This article submitted by Deniz Carroll on 08/040.

(Crofton, MD) - - Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR) is pleased to announce its new technical bulletin, “Properties, Performance and Design Fundamentals of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging.” The first of its kind, this four-page comprehensive brochure covers the performance integrity of expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging products. The AFPR technical bulletin provides general information on the basic physical properties and mechanical properties, which allows for quick and easy reference when developing any type of packaging utilizing EPS. “Properties, Performance and Design Fundamentals of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging” is the first edition of a series of AFPR technical bulletins. Other topics will include cushioning curves, manufacturing and recycled content use. The AFPR technical bulletin series will fill the need of packaging engineers and packaging schools for accurate, thorough data on EPS. In addition to its new technical bulletin, AFPR has also redesigned its quarterly newsletter Molding the Future to a new six-page, four-color format. The editorial content will continue to provide coverage on recycling and environmental issues as well as general news coverage on EPS packaging performance and use. The AFPR Technical Bulletin and Molding the Future are available by calling .

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