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"Coping With European Packaging Mandates" Workshop
November 12, 1998, Chicago IL

This article submitted by Michele Raymond () on 10/1.

Workshop to Give Practical Guidance on

"Coping with European Packaging Mandates"

World's top Experts to Present during Pack Expo

The world's top experts on compliance with international packaging takeback mandates will present detailed solutions on "Coping with European Packaging Mandates" November 12 at the Holiday Inn Chicago City Centre, at a unique one-day "Take it Back!" workshop organized by Raymond Communications Inc, publishers of Recycling Laws International, and co-sponsored by E-Tech Products, Inc. and Longview Fibre Company.

With 28 countries enacting takeback laws for packaging, manufacturers now must figure how to cope with 50 different "producer responsibility" organizations (PROs) in Europe -- each with different reporting requirements, fees and definitions. This has become a costly challenge not only for European packagers, but also a difficult patchwork for American exporters because of distance and language barriers.

The Take it Back! workshop will feature Mike Coe, a British consultant who designed the database and compliance program for giant Unilever in Europe, speaking in America for the first time. Coe will provide details on dealing with PRO's in each European country, with tips on packaging design for Europe's highly regulated market.

In addition, the workshop has added Victor Bell of Rhode Island, a 2year veteran of recycling policy and implementation. Bell recently left Science Applications International (SAIC) to form his own consulting firm. At SAIC he specialized in helping major cosmetics, beverage and electronics firms develop databases to comply with European and Asian packaging takeback mandates.

Also speaking will be Christoph Vanderstricht, of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Brussels, Belgium, and Randy Haviland, Manager of Community Environmental Development for Johnson & Johnson Worldwide. Speakers will address retail and transport packaging, medical packaging, cosmetics, beverage, durables and electronics packaging issues.

Members of the Institute of Packaging Professionals will receive the $60 subscriber discount if they register and pay by October 15.

Raymond Communications, Inc. publishes the newsletters STATE RECYCLING LAWS UPDATE and Recycling Laws International, and E-Tech Products, Inc, Denver CO, makes E-Cubes, a packing material made from recycled paper fibers.

Information and agenda are on the web site at
Raymond Communications is now located at 5111 Berwyn Rd. #115, College Park MD 20740; Phone Fax .
E-Tech: Tom Warda, President - ;

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