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AirfloPac - WorldStar Award

This article submitted by Forrest Smith on 11/14.

Milton Keynes, UK -- November 13, 1997 ... Plastic Packaging Ltd. is proud to announce that the patented AirfloPac* cushioning system has been awarded the 1997 WorldStar packaging award. The award was received on November 4th at the awards ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic. Forrest Smith, PPL's General Manager, stated "The recent North American and World-wide packaging awards have further established the AirfloPac's reputation as a superior packaging material." The AirfloPac* submission for the WorldStar award included case study information provided by Motorola. Over the past year, the AirfloPac* has been used by Motorola to replace fabricated and molded foam packs. To date, Motorola has reported shipping material savings in excess of $350,000 and zero customer returns due to transport damage on units packaged in AirfloPac*. The AirfloPac* was also recently awarded the "Eco-Efficiency" Ameristar Award by 3M Corporation at Westpack in Anaheim, CA. This award is for cost effective products which minimize the ecological impact on the environment. The fact that the AirfloPac* is manufactured from 100% recycled material puts it above and beyond any of the conventional foam materials. Plastic Packaging Ltd. is the exclusive European manufacturer of AirfloPac cushions. The AirfloPac*, is a blow molded replacement for foam packaging. AirfloPac* provides superior protection to that of foam cushioning at a 5% cost savings and is 100% recycled and recyclable. For Further Information Contact: Forrest Smith North America Tel# North America Fax# United Kingdom Tel# 4(0)1880 United Kingdom Fax# 4(0)1013 e-mail:

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