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new palletising software

This article submitted by Victoria Ayling on 10/20.

During November 1998 CAPE Systems ( launches CAPE PACK'99, a new 32 bit packaging design and pallet loading software application. Designed to operate within Windows'95, Windows'98 or NT and developed using Visual Basic 5.0 and C++, this program is an essential tool for evaluating product storage and distribution. CAPE PACK'99 creates a variety of solutions for loading cases onto pallets using data that relates to case size, pallet size and loading restrictions. It can handle package arrangement and case design, primary package optimisation, mixed product displays and promotional pallet laods. Testing outer case materials and sizes is also possible. The program generates three dimensional, colour displays of a range of pallet layering solutions and can represent almost any package shape, even non standard shapes such as ellipses. Other capabilities include showing dividers within the outer pack and creating bundles of packs in their outer packaging. CAPE PACK'99 can illustrate trays, depict shrink wrapped bundles or pallet loads, open flaps on cases, show cut away views and display how pallets can be loaded into trucks. Artwork such as company or brand logos can be transferred to the surfaces of the packaging components within CAPE PACK'99 creating a true to life representation of the product. Text and graphics files can be exported to create printouts to be used as a marketing tool or as part of a specification to assist the assemblers in the warehouse. CAPE PACK'99 can be interfaced with ERP, Supply Chain Management and Warehousing Systems and almost any other software application. The program is supplied on CD and operates in both single PC and multiple network installations. Thousands of companies worldwide, from packaging suppliers to food and drinks manufacturers, have been reducing storage and distribution costs using CAPE programs, which are now the international industry standard. Contact UK on tel : 44 (0) 17 email : Contact USA on tel : 1 80 email :

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