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Thermal transfer

This article submitted by Allan Sharkey on 06/280.

New Program (New York, NY) - Recently Chemicraft International introduced a new Customer Service Program to better help the growing demands of VARs, OEMs, and label converters. According to Scott Sharkey, Sales Manger at Chemicraft, the Customer Service Program “is designed to put the correct products into the hands of our customers in a fast and simple manner.” Choice of Products In today’s market VARs and OEMs are being offered a myriad of products. The choices are so numerous that it is almost impossible for any VAR or OEM to be up-to-date on every potential product that would fit the bill. This is why it is becoming increasingly important for VARs and OEMs to have reliable and knowledgeable suppliers who can respond to the ever-changing market demands. Upgrading Products Chemicraft is aware of the changing market and is constantly upgrading its existing thermal transfer as well as introducing new products that are compatible with the new printing technologies being offered. Today’s printers require thermal transfer ribbons that match the innumerable combinations of labels and end-user requirements. Chemicraft is able to deliver the products that meet these needs and this is why Chemicraft today is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal transfer ribbons. History of Company The Chemicraft group of companies has been in business for more than 60 years. When thermal transfer technology was introduced, it was a natural for Chemicraft to enter this market as Chemicraft had already been manufacturing a wide range of inked substrates including carbon paper and carbon film. Chemicraft, because of its large R&D department, was able to develop thermal transfer ribbons in rather short period of time. From start to finish, all R & D, manufacturing, design, and packaging are done by Chemicraft in their own factories. Chemicraft has no ties, connections, or arrangements with any other thermal transfer company, foreign or domestic. Chemicraft can proudly say they did it all on their own. Support for Customers According to Scott Sharkey “There are a lot reasons customers are attracted to us. Our mission extends beyond just manufacturing as we bring value added resources to our customers. Our new Customer Service Program helps VARS, OEMs, and label converters take control of their ribbon needs without the expenditure of countless hours devoted to testing, QC, and QA. Because of the expertise Chemicraft brings to the table and passes along to its customers, our customers are put in a strong and knowledgeable position with their customers. And most importantly, we are committed to making our customers’ work day just a little bit easier.” Worldwide Network Besides Chemicraft’s manufacturing facilities in the USA, Chemicraft has manufacturing, converting and stocking operations in Canada, Europe, and South America. This worldwide network gives Chemicraft’s customers a local hands-on support system and just in time deliveries. For more information contact: Chemicraft International, Inc. 351 West 35 Street New York, NY 10001 Tel: Fax: e-mail: Internet:

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