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New Packaging Job in 2000?

This article submitted by Mike Hochwalt on 03/22.

So you want a new Packaging Assignment? This article submitted by Mike Hochwalt on 3/22/99. Every day, at MH Executive Search Group, (see Pack Mall for more information or click on the underlined name - MH Executive Search Group ( Packaging Placement Recruiters - Pack Jobs) we get several calls a day asking a common FAQ, "How do I find a new and better Packaging position?" Our answer is to put together a functional resume, that clients will respond to and call you ASAP. If you follow a few simple, common sense ideas, you will have a resume that can get you a better position. Tip 1: When you put down your current company - add a line or two about what types of products or services it manufacturers or sells. Tip 2: Put a * Bullet * by your Accomplishments, it draws the eyes immediately to your achievements. Tip 3: Explain in detail your positions, achievements, responsibilities, etc., in descending chronological order from current to previous positions. Then put in your education, and personal details at the end of the resume, unless you are a new college graduate, where you can put them at the beginning. Tip 4: "Very Important" Put together a separate Addendum page, on this addendum page list all of the packaging products that you know or have worked with in your current job - products - i.e. film, bags, corrugated, etc., processes - i.e. laminating, coextruding, etc., types or names of clients your firm calls on (only public names i.e. P&G, IBM, Compaq, etc. - no trade secrets names here allowed) and your technology familiarity - i.e. Windows 2000, Word, Excel, etc. If you do all of this, then you'll have a functional resume to take to the marketplace and find a better position. Check out our web site every month at: for more information and monthly updates on the newest Packaging positions in the U.S.A.

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