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This article submitted by ABM LTD on 05/170.

ABM has presented to their Stocking Distributor the new BABY 75 Tape Dispenser for Pressure sensitive tapes. The BABY 75 carries 3" maximum width and dispenses any pressure sensitivie tape from 2" to 52" - Max. roll OD is 8" - and is equipped with the first electronic safety guard in the industry. The BABY 75 is a smaller version of the SAE 23, which carries 4" and rolls OD of 12" - The small footprint make it easy to place the machine on any counter top - The redesigned tape path and new belt transmission generate a very high torque, capable of dispensing any hard tape without any problme or machine fatigue. Price at 965.00 Suggested Industrial Price, is the lowest priced full heavy duty dispenser in the market - Stocking Distributors discount packages generate attractive margins that amply justify the inventory investment required. For information, please call ALBERTO MERCHIORI AT

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