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LSI Logic chooses APTI

This article submitted by Air Packaging Technologies Inc. on 10/110.


Growth in Protective Packaging market keeping pace with Promotional and Retail market growth

Valencia, California, USA, October 11, 2000/PR Newswire/ -- Air Packaging Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: AIRP), award-winning high-tech innovator in patented inflatable packaging, today announced a substantial order from LSI Logic for its SDS Air Box. The Air Box will be used by LSI to ship 200 mm. silicon wafers in Empak Ultra Pack carriers.

Al Trotter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Air Packaging Technologies, stated: “After extensive field testing, LSI was the first company to select the SDS Air Box to ship 200 mm. silicon wafers, an especially fragile and valuable product. They have been successfully shipping wafers in the SDS Air Box for the past year and the doubling of their commitment for the next twelve months evidences their satisfaction with our product’s performance. We believe that our SDS Air Box is the best package of its type in the semiconductor market and are confident that we will be able to generate substantial sales increases in the semiconductor market during the next twelve months.”

Donald Ochacher, CEO and President of the Company added: “While most of our recent sales successes have been in the promotional and retail packaging fields, the Company is also vigorously pursuing sales opportunities in the protective packaging market. We believe that we have the perfect shipping package for a variety of fragile and high value products in the semiconductor and other technical markets and we are confident that the advantages of the Air Box will be recognized by more and more customers.”

LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading supplier of communications chips for broadband, data networking, wireless and set-top box applications. In addition, the company provides chips and boards for network computing and supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise.

Air Packaging Technologies Inc. is an award-winning developer and manufacturer of inflatable protective, promotional and retail packaging. Its goal is to position the Company’s patented products as 21st century alternatives to conventional packaging such as bubble wrap, foam and polystyrene peanuts. A rotating visual demonstration of the Company’s products can be viewed by clicking on the following hypertext link:

Recent clients of Air Packaging Technologies Inc. include Motorola, Redken, Photronics, Dolce & Gabbana, Breitling, Chivas Regal, Nordstrom’s, Skin Market, Ha-Lo Industries, Novodesign, MTV Networks, and Vasp Brazilian Airlines. Air Packaging Technologies Inc. has been recognized by the World Packaging Organization, Ameristar, Westpack, the Flexible Packaging Association and Packaging Magazine in categories covering commercial and industrial, shipping, process, electronics, innovative design and environmentally responsive packaging.

Further information on Air Packaging Technologies Inc., as well as visual demonstrations and technical specifications of its packaging solutions are available online at, or directly from the Company, as listed below.

The foregoing information contains certain forward-looking statements that anticipate future trends or events. These statements are based on certain assumptions that may prove to be erroneous and are subject to certain risks including but not limited to the uncertainties of the Company's new product introductions, the risks of increased competition and technological change in the Company's industry and other risks detailed in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Accordingly, actual results may differ, possibly materially, from the predictions contained herein.

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