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This article submitted by ABM MARKING LTD on 01/13.

ABM Marking new AJET 101 prints on any surface up to 60 characters, from 12mm to 28mm height, at up to 145 ft/m. Suggested retail price of 1,395.00 for complete system. Size: 3x4x6", easy to install with vertical and horizontal no tools adjustments. Automatic functions for Calendar and Julian dates, expiration, count, shift, lot numbers. Inks available: WATER BASE ALCOHOL BASE - Standard - Standard for General Purpose - High contrast - Special Formula for films, ceramics, metals - Non Fading - HR Special Formula for non treated surfaces - Water proof - Invisible Ultra violet - Non Bleeding - Safemark Non Toxic The new ABM Special Formulas and HR Special formulas enable replacement of MEK or Acetate base inks, eliminating the high toxicity of these products. Contact ABM MARKING LTD at E-MAIL: Voice: For order information: FRor additional produtcs by ABM MARKING, please access the Internet ABM site at:

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