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Glue Control Sensors

This article submitted by Dieter Hossbach on 05/11/99.

The German company Hossbach GmbH designs capacitive sensors since more then 30 years. The sensors of the QMS60 serie are very helpful tools to control glue coatings on paper, corrugated card board etc. They output either a 24V alarm signal or a analogic signal, which is proportional to the glue quantity. The sensors are not expensive and are easily handled, and are interesting, because they detect measuring objects independently of contrast, color, dust... For visualisation and operation Hossbach GmbH offers suitable control units. Please visit our homepage : discuss with me via e-mail or use the "classic" media: Company: Hossbach GmbH Street: Leipziger Str. 11 Zip:D-92318 town: Neumarkt country: Germany phone : 0045 fax : 0046

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