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Can Filler and Seamer

This article submitted by Kevin Lin on 10/09.

Shin-I Machinery Works Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of both can making and canning machinery in Taiwan. We have been exporting our products to over 60 countries since 1956. Since all products are made under ISO9001 quality ,we are confident of supplying you with excellent machinery. Our products range is following: Main Products: Whole plant automatic tin can making equipments(complete line)for beverage, food, aerosol, DRD, paint, 1 Gallon oil, and other cans. Other Products: 1. Automatic twist-off cap forming/lining machinery. 2. Automatic aerosol cone/dome forming/lining machinery. 3. Automatic food canning machines including vacuum seamer,liquid filler,piston filler,vacuum filler ...etc. 4. Punch toolings and other toolings for can industry. Welcome to visit our site for more information. PLEASE CONTACT: Kevin Lin Shin-I Machinery Works Co.,Ltd. No. 2 Kuanghwa Rd. Chingshui Taichung Taiwan TEL:166 FAX:129 E-mail:

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