Piston Ring Pack KR 72x175

Protective transport packaging made of polyproplyene (PP) = environmentally friendly, recyclable material. KR 72x175 can be used as multi-way-packaging between suppliers and users (engine industry). Inner part of tube can already be used during the production process: piston rings can be stacked onto the inner cylinder direct at the machine. Dust free storage/transport afterwards as products are covered by the outer part of the packaging. The groove of the piston ring and the special design of the inner tube grant a perfect fit of the rings and thus the packaging gives 100% protection against damaging.

rose plastic GmbH
Tray for Rufastrips

A substantial advantage can be obtained, as Rufastrips (an advanced plastic roof cement) can now be kept in stock in a less vulnerable packaging. The packaging works as a bufferstock, as the hinge part on the EPS packaging tray is put between the roof battens and thereafter still hangs as a container. The EPS packaging replaces a former and less suited cardboard packaging.

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