Clean-Clic System(R)

The Clean-Clic System(R) comprises of a durable (hand-held) dispenser that is recharged with flexible cartridges. The dispenser allows for well controlled dosage of the product which is jetted, sprayed or foamed. Through suction of the dispenser pump, the cartridge will be completely emptied and shrunk to a small wad of foil, with minimum disposal volume. The cartridge is formed by extremely light but strong flexible pouch, equipped with a sealed-in connector. The cartridge can be filled airfree through the connector.

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3M Self-Talking Dual Use Carton

This new self-talking dual use carton is a shipping carton as well as a display hanging card; therefore, wherever our products are shipped to, products can be hooked up easily on an attractive and self-explainable hanging card without any support. This design features cost-effective production, easy refilling, material economy and environmental protection.

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