Pure Honey & Olive Oil Gift Package

The bottles are placed in a festive gift package whose design was inspired by the shape of a temple (pillars, dome and triangular base). The package is tied together by a band which includes an integrated New Years' card. The use of the transparent hues of the olive oil & honey is emphasized by the transparent bottles and pillars. The package is easily assembled. The unique shape of the the "Pure Honey & Olive Oil Gift Package" creates a conspicuous shelf presentation. All carton parts are recyclable. The base and "dome" are graphically designed like an ethnic woven cloth, which adds a "soft" touch to the structure.

Itzuv-Itzuv/Yad-Mordechai Apiary
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Smirnov Bottle

"Smirnov" bottle N 21 is an original vodka bottle used for the first time by the well-known Russian vodka producer Pyotr Smirnov in 1863. This bottle was being used up to the middle of the twentieth century. The 610 ml bottle is a reverse truncated cone with 16 faces at the bottom according to the "royal" cutting. Instead of the contre label we can see on the bottle the engraving "Trade House of P. Smirnov's descendants" and four state emblems (double-headed eagles) given the firm for its high quality production.

Trade House of P. Smirnov's
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