Tray-Fit(R) V.R.

Tray-Fit(R) V.R. is a multi-compartment tray out of solid bleached board material with flimsy PE or PET coating. System solution: packaging materials plus machine. Suitable for conventional and microwave ovens (temperatures: -40 to 0 degrees C). Optimal barrier properties (fat and water resistant). No odor or taste influence on the product inside. No additional packaging required. The trays are delivered as flat blanks (reducing storage and transportation costs). The packaging line for erection of the tray and closing of the lid has a very high capacity.

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Two-Section Pack for Upright Bags

This pack provides an excellent solution to a common problem: keeping foil bags upright in a display pack on a shop's shelf. These are the pack's advantages: easy to open; secure fastening of lid and bottom section in transit; glue lines at the bottom hold bags in place even when bags begin to be taken out; uniform material and material savings.

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