Quaker Bagged Cereals

Quaker Bagged Cereal packages were designed to protect and preserve the contents. MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate) and aroma barrier requirements were achieved by using PAC (polypropylene acrylic coated) and OHD (oriented high density), respectively. Overall package clarity was improved by using PAX and OHD. OHD helps achieve easy peel seals and better tear resistance. The Quaker bags replace a bag-in-box structure. Therefore, material costs are not only saved but also significant source reduction is accomplished.

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The Boxibag is a solid, stable square based pack made of a flexible lightweight packaging material. Packs manufactured in the Boxibag method stand firmly and solidly upright on the shelf. No support whatsoever is required and can be stored one on top of the other, due to its possibility of a "brick" shape. It ensures the most efficient utilization of shelf/storage space. The Boxibag may be fitted with a reclosing feature.

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