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Transport Packaging



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The proof is in the the final destination!

If the burden of proof is on you, Transport Packaging is the resource you need to make your case at the end of the line!

Written by transportation packaging expert, Alfred H. McKinlay, Transport Packaging is geared toward ALL packaging professionals whose job responsibilities encompass transportation and distribution packaging. Especially helpful to those responsible for specifying the packaging used in shipping their company's products, Transport Packaging will also benefit package designers at companies manufacturing containers and interior packaging.

Transport Packaging covers:

  • background information on the requirements and uses of transport packaging
  • the package design process
  • rules and regulations
  • types of containers
  • cushioning systems
  • unit load components
  • marking and coding packages

Alfred H. McKinlay is a former chair and current member of IoPP's Transport Packaging Committee, instructor of numerous IoPP educational programs on transportation packaging and the long-time coordinator of TransPack, IoPP's annual educational symposium on transport packaging.

The time is now.......the book is here!

Don't wait until your shipments reach their destinations damaged! Add Transport Packaging to your professional library now!

Transport Packaging chapters include:

Part 1 - Package Design Basics

  • Introduction
  • The Package Design Process
  • Rules and Regulations Governing Transport Packaging
  • Hazards in the Distribution Environment
  • Testing of Transport Packaging and Unit Loads
  • Testing for Product Fragility

Part 2 - Design Details: Containers and Other Packaging

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Other Shipping Containers
  • Returnable Containers and Dunnage
  • Cushioning Systems: Interior Packaging for Shock and Vibration Protection
  • Dunnage: Interior Packaging for Bracing/Spacing, Void Fill, and Abrasion Protection
  • Corrosion and ESD Protective Packaging
  • Unitizing: Pallets, Slip Sheets, and Load Stabilizers
  • Marking and Coding of Transport Packages


Publisher: IoPPress
Format: 8 ½" x 11" Paperback
Pages: 172
Published: 1998

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